How to Shop on PC Place

It’s probably safe to say that you are worn out of heading to the shopping centre and battling the groups just to get the things you need. Internet shopping has become a gigantic industry, and is safer than any other system of shopping. You can find for all your needs just about any item on the web, as long as you are aware of where to look. As much as you understand the online store and it’s arrangement of items, I bet shopping in the store would be like a tour of Disneyland.

These steps below would put you through how to find just what you need On PC Place NG and buy it with absolute certainty and security.


  1. In your browser, search www.pcplaceng.com. This takes you to PC Place online store and what you see is displayed in the image below. Here, you’ll find a wide variety of the items with sliders and banners pointing out to you exclusive offers.
  2. If you do not have an account, create one by hovering your mouse over the human shaped image at the top right corner of your screen. This brings out the ‘My Account Text’ click it to display the options in this category. These options are ‘Sign in’ and ‘Register’.
  3. Click ‘register’ (If you do not have an account) and create an account for yourself or you can register with your Facebook account
  4. If you already have an account, go ahead and type the name or any other description of the item you desire in the search bar. A couple of items would be displayed on your screen, this would include the item you have searched for and couple of suggested items for you.
  5. Click the item of your choice
  6. Click ‘Add to Cart’ or/and ‘Check Out’
  7. Click ‘Buy’. This takes you to a page where you select your payment method (This could either be ‘pay on delivery’ or ‘Card Payment)
  8. Enter your card details if your payment method is by card.
  9. Click ‘Confirm Order’ when all the required fields have been filled. At this point, you’ll get a confirmation notification.

It’s that simple. Our scope of administrations are intended to guarantee ideal degrees of comfort and consumer loyalty with the retail procedure; these administrations incorporate our most minimal value, ensure 7-day free return policy, devoted client care support and numerous other premium administrations.

Easy Shopping has consistently been equal with PC Place. All things considered, this PC Place offers top-notch services including delivery your Shipment to your location with provision for payment on delivery. Beside the highly rated services that this company offers its customers, this top class online store is home to a huge inventory of value items

As we continue to broaden our scope, our degree of offers and convenience would grow as well. So, follow us one this joy ride and enjoy our wholesome offers all the way. We are exceptionally customer driven and are submitted towards finding imaginative methods of improving our customers’ shopping experience in our store; so give us some feedback on support@pcplaceng.com.

You can never go wrong when you order on PC Place. You can get all of your electronic needs right at your doorstep and in good time too. Just Head on to our website or call 08022272222 and shop our large spectrum of computers at prices you’ll love and have them delivered to your doorstep in good time with multiple attempts. What more? When you shop from us, our service centre is always available to attend to all your tech issues. So, relax and shop on the go.

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