Companies that have not been keeping up with technological trends in this age are highly likely to be wiped off the surface unexpectedly. 2020, highly dominated with the stay home policy, was notwithstanding a year in which several business outfits thought out and implemented automated means of keeping their cash flow running even while observing the lockdown. For example, Amazon and a few other e-commerce companies began carrying out deliveries with the use of drones. This did not only help both the companies and their customers observe the social distancing precaution, it also kept the companies’ business activity active. No delivery man had to risk his life and no customer had to make contact with any delivery man. The year 2020 came to us as a shocker as no one ever envisioned a year where people would be forced to stay at home rather than go out and work. That shocker and the way companies managed to stay afloat using technological means, is a clear indication that businesses which are more likely to stand the test of time are only those that keep up with technological trends. In this article, we’ll be sharing with you major trends to look out for in the line of business in 2021.

1) Extended Reality (XR): This concept encapsulates virtual, augmented and mixed reality. In virtual reality (VR), a person is immersed into a completely computerized environment often aided by glasses or headsets. This is mostly used by gaming companies and sometimes, doctors when performing surgeries. Augmented Reality (AR) enables an interaction between the user and the virtual objects through a screen. An example of this is found in our mobile-phone usage. Mixed reality (MR) enables users to have actual interacting with the virtually created objects. Extended Reality (XR) brings all these realities under one term. This will help business this year and in the coming years in such ways as carrying out training for their staff.

2) Autonomous Driving: This past year presented the need for companies to have automated means to fall back on should humans be required to stay apart. Drones served this purpose for a few companies who used them but just as important is the use of autonomous driving technology. As much as we have not gotten to the stage where we see these on the roads yet, the very thought of self-driving cars is overwhelming and would help companies function without having people going the distance. However, for this to be possible, there would have to be changes in law, social life and infrastructure of the country.


3)      Internet of Things (IOT): This gives a multiple of connected devices, equipment, humans or even animals that are provided with unique identifiers to exchange data or interact without any human involvement. This is more like being able to microwave your meal remotely. This can work with AI to make data collection in a company easier.

4) Artificial Intelligence: This equips computers with the ability to work like humans. These computers are set to mimic humans in ways like decision making, voice recognition, taking commands and executing them. In a couple of years from now, when Artificial Intelligence would have been well nested into the system, it is said that it would create over a thousand job opportunities as these computers would need regular maintenance, support, testing and programming but on the other hand, it would also wipe out thousands of jobs and programmers who have knowledge on AI would then earn much more than those who so not.

We hope you enjoyed our article. The business world is moving to that place where only technology savvy companies would stand. Hence, the need to follow technological trends and utilize them.

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