What You Don’t Know About Celeron

Celeron is the low cost and low-performance group of microprocessors produced by intel. This microprocessor is fashioned after the P6 architecture. And is often associated with poor performance.


Celeron computers are not quite suitable for power users but are just good for basic computer use such as typing and surfing the internet. Despite the fact that it depends on a similar engineering as the Pentium II, it is short of top-performance features that the Pentium II possess, such as gaming and programming. Celeron was introduced in April 1998, the first Celeron-marked CPU depended on the Pentium II. Following Celeron-marked CPUs depended on the Pentium III, Pentium 4, Pentium M, and Intel Core.

At first glance, everyone would be likely to go for a Celeron laptop, but a comparison with the Pentium and Core would show all the weaknesses of the Celeron. If Pentium and Core did not exist, the functioning of Celeron wouldn’t have been that much of a big deal. Celeron models later than the 300 A incorporate an L1 and L2 store on the microchip, implying that the reserve is gotten to at a similar clock speed that the processor works with. The Celeron L2 store is smaller (128-kilobyte s) than the Pentium II’s (512 KB). In any case, in light of the fact that the Celeron L2 reserve is on the processor chip and the Pentium II’s isn’t, their compelling L2 speeds are intently practically identical.


Celeron processors are good with IA-32 PC programs; however, their exhibition is commonly essentially lower when contrasted with comparable CPUs of more costly Intel CPU brands. Its execution is adequate for home and business clients doing word processing and Internet surfing. High-performance users and hard-core gamers might need to consider spending more for the Pentium II’s top execution.

While a couple of the Celeron structures have accomplished amazing execution, a large portion of the Celeron line has displayed recognizably low performance. This has been the essential reason why other Intel CPU brands cost more when compared to their Celeron counterpart.

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